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My Miguel Playlists knows how I feel

Your love is gravity

So let’s go , baby hop in,

Let my love adorn you, you know that I adore you,

All I want is you now,

So baby arch your back and point your toes,

Be my vixen, my bed will be your stage,

Where are we going, what are we doing now?

What about lust? What about trust?

If I don’t make it back before the sun, all you have to do is run and don’t look back,

Those innocent eyes, that smile on your face makes it easy to trust you, if they only knew…

Girls like you, remind me that I’m lonely,

How many dreams does it take for you to imagine a field of bright lights that flickers and flashes,

Let’s just be, baby let’s just be, no running round in these streets,

Me,oh, me, oh my, I  love..

Lie to me lie to me so sweet, I don’t want to believe, anyone is just like me,

I don’t want to be loved , I don’t want to make love,

Saint, I’m a sinner, prize I’m a winner, what did I ever do to deserve that..

Can you roll down a window, I just want to feel the wind blow in my face, cuz these moments go one blink at a time that’s why i never want to close my eyes…

Use me want to give you control with the lights on cause it turns me on…

Where the fun in forever can we love so hard?

I just wanna have fun, have fun and make money,

I aint tryna waste your time, I just want to break that ice..

Gotta find my way back , to you ,to us, to love..

I’m your hero, protector for you..

Tell me is it obvious that I still have the biggest crush on you, every time you smile I blush..

If you believe you’ll do best without me.. I let it go..

When I’m low he takes me high, let me teach you all the sounds of love, baby this is for you…

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